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Google Cashing in on Direction Clicks

By Peggy Finley on 1 June 2011

This just in…Google has just announced that they will begin to charge AdWords advertisers for clicks on the directions link found within the Google Location Extensions. That’s right, time to keep a close eye on your pay per click expenses with Google because your search engine marketing spend may have just gone up.

When an internet user clicks on an ad headline or phone number, the company is charged for each click; hence the term “pay per click.” Now, there will be an additional charge for those advertisers who choose to use the “Location Extension” feature within AdWords.

Location Extensions allow businesses the ability to display their business address and other information within their AdWords advertisements. Location Extensions can be seen not just on Google search pages but also on the Google Display Network, Google Search Network, Google Maps, and mobile devices.

According to Google, this is how the directions will appear:
“For AdWords campaigns with location extensions enabled, a “Directions” link will be eligible to appear in your ads and sponsored Google Maps info windows on desktops. On mobile search ads, a “Get directions using Google Maps?” pop-up will appear when the user clicks on the expandable map. Clicking on “OK” in the pop-up allows users to get directions to your business.”

This is another example of how Google is continually working to improve the user experience while putting more dollars in their own pocket. Advertisers may “opt out” of this charge by removing the location extension that is associated with their ad campaign.

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